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“[Ms. Kleinecke] has a wonderful vibrato that simply shimmers on long notes, and she is able to emotionally capture every high and low in the nineteen songs.”
-Endless Possibilities, WSRU
“Ursula Kleinecke-Boyer has a warm, full sounding soprano voice with a particularly rich, pleasing upper register. There is an old-fashioned, Eleanor Steber-like quality to her singing that’s appropriate to Hoiby’s songs... Performances that are technically strong and musically communicative... Both musicians are persuasive advocates for a composer whose music should be better known.”
-Fanfare - review of Songs of Lee Hoiby - Albany Records (TROY1102)
“[Ms. Kleinecke] can so effortlessly move from that kind of sound that is so clear it’s like looking in a stream and seeing the pebbles at the bottom, and it can be so dark that you want to wrap yourself up in the warmth of that cloak.”
-CD of the Week, May 10, 2009, KBAQ

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Art Songs of Latin America - Ursula Maria, soprano Vernon Snyder, piano

Pasadena Central Library, 285 E. Walnut St., Pasadena, CA

Free admission - doors open at 2PM

Parking at the library lot is very limited. Please park underground below the University of Phoenix. The entrance is the ramp directly north (towards the mountains) of the library parking lot. The parking gates are up and parking is free on the weekends. The library usually has an "Additional library parking" sign up at the entrance.